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It is no secret to the success of what is known as

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and to the Gracie family that

brought this to the world in these modern times.  I

have a healthy respect for ALL Martial Arts, and by

no means look down on any other style or form.


Here is a brief description to what Combative Jiu

Jitsu (CJJ) is all about and whom it is for.  The

training facility is located in Chino Valley, AZ.  In

the beginning stages the focus will be on equipping

individuals in very simple and straightforward

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that are most effective

and primarily used in COMBAT, or a typical street

fight.  Other techniques, such as Krav Maga, or as I

like to call it, dirty fighting, will be evaluated and

added as we proceed forward.  There will be

instruction on weapon defense; be it a club type

weapon, knife, firearm, etc.  There will be classes

for Law Enforcement and high risk personnel as well.

Their training will only differ in respect to the

equipment they carry on a daily basis and the unique

scenarios they encounter.  I believe that good moral

civilians should receive the best instruction even

though they are not in Law Enforcement or the

Military.  When the chips are down, we are all in it



Also, we have an OPEN Floor Policy, which means that

you are free to ask questions, make comments, and of

course share or try any moves that you may know or want

learn.  Ego and aggressive type attitudes will NOT be

tolerated.  We will show mutual respect to one another.

Everyone has something to teach, share, and add to the



Combative Jiu Jitsu (CJJ) is for anyone that wants

to be able to handle themselves with confidence,

whether standing or on the ground where most

fights end up.  CJJ can be added to any other style

of Martial Art or fighting experience you possess. 

CJJ is perfect for those of you that have no

experience as well.  CJJ is not based on strength or

height, but leverage and technique.  It can be taught

to men, women, and children.  In the future, classes

will be added geared toward children and women’s

self defense.  Private and group lessons can also be

arranged at the CJJ Training Facility in Chino Valley,

AZ or brought to your location.  Instruction will be

tailored based on your particular needs because

some industries have different challenges than others.


The instruction will be informal, but structured.  In

other words, you will feel comfortable and have fun

while learning.  The teaching style is COMMON

sense based.  You can be well armed, but if you are

unaware of your surroundings you have already lost

the fight before it even started.


For more information, call 928-583-3383.


I want to keep things as affordable as possible, so

our current drop in rate of instruction will be $10 per hour

and $20 per hour for private lessons.  There are

NO contracts, NO sign up fees, and any prepaid

classes will NOT disappear at the end of the month.

In other words, if you prepay for 4 classes and only

take 2 classes that month, you still have 2 classes

you can take the following month, etc.  Monthly Specials do

NOT roll over each month because of the extra discount

you are receiving upon our already LOW prices.


Attire will be shorts, sweat pants, GI pants, and a

tee-shirt.  CJJ tee-shirts can be purchased if you like.

S.P.A.R.(Synergistic, Practical Application, Reflex and

Development) Classes can be attended by those

that have been through the cycle twice, or if the

instructor believes the student is ready, or has

enough previous experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You are allowed to wear your full GI and earned

colored belt from your current or previous martial

arts school. You choose what is most

comfortable for you.  It is highly recommend that

women wear some type of support sports bra.

Mouth guards will be required for S.P.A.R.

Classes, groin protection and ear protection is

optional.  Finger and toe nails will be trimmed,

and NO earrings, nose rings, body piercing

jewelry, chains, or rings with protrusive

stones will be allowed.  Plain wedding bands are

okay, but not recommended.  These rules are for 

your protection and the protection of others.  The

last thing you want is for your jewelry to be broken

or ripped out from its original body part. 

Trimmed nails will keep you from scratching

others and from being scratched.  Long pretty

nails are not so pretty when they get bent back,

and/or broken off.


There are currently NO earned belts in CJJ.  You

are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  Belts

are for holding your pants up, and securing your

firearm, whether it be concealed or open carried.

This is our personal philosophy and NOT meant

to put down ANY martial arts schools that have a

colored belt system.  This is not set in stone, and

we might entertain a colored belt system in the

future, maybe. :)


CJJ will be offering firearms training and knife training as

well.  Stay tuned for the upcoming training days!

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